MYRTLE BEACH'S HOME FOR LIVE MUSIC! Bourbon Street is a locals hotspot where everyone is welcome. We offer an upscale bar menu late into the evening. Reviews: Rachel C. Came here for their happy hour 3-7 because of oysters. Ordered 20 of them and they were really fresh! We did have like 2 oysters that looked like they weren't the full one, but all the others looked big and plump. I love their live band present and the staff was sweet. We really wanted fish and chips since we were near the ocean..

Bourbon Street On the Beach


Bourbon Street is a locals hotspot where everyone is welcome. We offer an upscale bar menu late into the evening.



Rachel C.

Came here for their happy hour 3-7 because of oysters. Ordered 20 of them and they were really fresh! We did have like 2 oysters that looked like they weren't the full one, but all the others looked big and plump. I love their live band present and the staff was sweet. We really wanted fish and chips since we were near the ocean and they were so nice to even make that for us despite not being on the menu. I would definitely visit again if I was in OC for the oysters. The bbq wings were SO YUMMY and I would get that too. Can't vouch for other foods but the table near us seemed like they were having a good time.


Angie B.

This place is super convenient - as it's under the building of our summer home.  There have been many tries by many people to give this great space a go - and they have all failed.  Bourbon Street, however, seems to have found the secret to keeping their doors open... GOOD FOOD!  Cold drinks, tasty bites, friendly crowd, and seriously ... the biggest draw for me - I can walk out the door and take the elevator right up to my condo!  It doesn't get any better than that!


Melonie P.

Had an awesome birthday dinner with family. The staff is awesome, food was great...manner hiccups were fixed immediately. Definitely will return again next year!!!


Sylvia P.

The food was absolutely AMAZING!!! I had a three course meal: scallops wrapped in bacon, cream of crab soup, and blackened ribeye steak. Everything was perfectly seasoned. The portion size was more than enough. So far this has been the best restaurant on my restaurant quest. My colleagues and I have already decided to make this our go-to place.


Raymond S.

We had the grilled chicken salad, the char grilled oysters, battered shrimp, and dreamsicle and Burley Oak IPA on draft to drink.  Homemade blue cheese salad dressing!  Enjoy HH and the live music till 7!


Jeffry L.

we were in OC for Ravens Beach Bash and ate there twice. Had the seafood sampler first night-excellent. Went back next day and ordered a variety of appetizers so we could experience more of the menu.  Food is great, drinks just as good. As a bonus Rusty was playing and show is always a great time.  Barry thanks again for a great experience.  When in OC Bourbon Street on Beach is our go to place.


Luvey 4.

Our new favorite bar.  Live music almost every night.  Food is spicy but delicious.  The owner and staff are so friendly and approachable.  The drinks are reasonably priced. The bar where the live music plays is tiny but cozy and fun. It's hard to find this place. It's behind the Fountainhead Condos.   If Barry, the owner was smart, he'd smile more.  He doesn't realize how his hotness is a good selling point!


Carol S.

I love Red Beans and Rice but theirs was a little too spicy for me. Our waitress was kind enough to bring me a small container of Alfredo sauce which cooled the heat...this "soup" was very tasty! I also had the Grilled shrimp salad which was very good.My husband rated his meal choice of Crab Stuffed Haddock as Excellent.Hiding in plain sight, Bourbon Street on the Beach is worth the search!


Jennie W.

My husband and I drove in from DC last night and came across this gem to grab a bite before heading to hotel. It was a little difficult to find, but it was absolutely worth the look! We ordered crab stuffed mushrooms, and mardigras shrimp and crawfish ( if you love spicy this is for you). It was excellent! The flavor and spice bursted with every bite. I couldn't stop eating it. Portions were very generous too. Definitely recommend trying if Cajun/ Louisiana style food is what your craving.


Laurie K.

This place is awesome!!!!  Live music everyday. The oyster char grilled and jambalaya are phenomenal!  A must when in ocean city!


DaVonna H.

Stopped in for restaurant week. It was ok at best. I enjoyed the lobster ravioli but it could've used more garlic for flavor. Cream of crab soup had corn in it- corn = chowder, not used to having it in my soups. Food was hot and fresh, service was somewhat slow.


Jaiacynth Llona P.

This place is terrible, everything about it is completely terrible. My boyfriend and I decided to have a nice dinner after driving 3 and half hours from DC to OC, so he decided to search for nice restaurants in the area and he found this resto/bar and we gave it a shot since it has 4 stars.okay so first things first the guy who served our table was very unwelcoming,he took our order and when I was trying to ask some details about their menu he didn't answered me correctly. And then the waiting time for a "medium well steak" is 30 minutes. We were very hungry and pissed so I went to him and ask how's my order going like we've been waiting for 30mins without any water or something. Then he rudely looked at me and say "well you order medium well right? It usually takes 30mins for the steak to cook and it's what you ordered so..." I mean come on man, seriously?? And to tell you he didn't even check up on us once and ask if we need a water or something like for real. And then finally after 40mins our steaks finally came and I'm telling you it is messed up. I ordered a "medium well steak" w/ rice and my boyfriend got a "medium steak" w/ fries. So he was lecturing me that medium well steak takes 30 MINUTES to cook but he gave me a RARE instead. I'm telling you he's really rude and stupid. I didn't even finish my food because I lost my appetite for what happened, my bf talked to him and he apologized and gave as his employee discount for compensation.So do yourself a favor and don't even think about coming here. Not worth it. Good job guys.


Robert Z.

Is it a locals bar?  A music venue?  A Cajun restaurant?  Who can tell.  Tons of regulars mob the too small bar area where the musicians practically mix with the tables.  The staff are often courteous, but far from polished.  The food is not bad, but by the time you are served, you cannot fail to feel that you are not "fine dining".I have been there several times, as it is an easy walk from our condo.  Most weekends, just looking in the window discourages me from trying to have a beer at the far. (this is the local bar for the Fountainhead and a large neighborhood across the street.)  Both times I have had a full meal, I enjoyed the food, but did not enjoy hearing the kitchen staff bantering about (no doors from the kitchen).Lots of potential, but maybe they are happy with what they have.


Lauren F.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. The owner/manager is RUDE and COMPLETELY INSANE. She accused me of giving a fake ID with absolutely NO proof. No words. Just wow. We left without ordering anything, we were simply blown away by the sheer stupidity.


Vic A.

Nice cozy place. Nice bar and nice owners. Cold tap beer. Happy Hour oysters each!!


Kristin R.

This was truly one of the worst restaurant experiences I have ever had. We found this place because of restaurant week. It took a while for our server to arrive to take our orders. We waited over an hour for our first course to arrive, and when it did finally show up there was no apology for it being late, just an explanation that the printer had malfunctioned. Our second course arrived about 30 seconds after the first so we were left eating both courses at the same time. It took about another 35-40 minutes for our entrees to arrive, and they were pretty bad--My husband got a broiled seafood platter, which was just ok, and I got the bourbon street steak, which tasted more like the Salisbury steak served at my elementary school. After waiting another 20 minutes for our check we finally left. It is shocking to me that after waiting so long we were offered neither a discount nor an apology. Two tables around us complained about the service and food and received discounts, but we decided we didn't want to get stuck there any longer than we had to be.


Jules M.

What a find! I've been ignoring the sign for years because I am not a fan of creole but the six of us decided to give it a try on our girls weekend. A little hard to find but worth the trip.  The filet mignon were slightly over cooked but delicious. The scallops wrapped in bacon were tender and sweet. The mushrooms stuffed with crab were heaped with a mountain of crab. Salads were fresh and crisp. The steamed seafood platter was plentiful. Staff was amazing. Chef came out to personally speak with our allergy sufferer. Drinks were very well made. Price was very reasonable. Will be back for sure!


John G.

Plain and simple... HORRIBLE SERVICE! Called to place a carryout order - Bobs Burrito and some other appetizers (+/- order). Was told by the employee who picked up the phone that he was "too busy to care and that I may have better luck going somewhere else" and then abruptly hung up. WTF - it is off season and not much going on as we are staying next door and can physicaly see the parking lot is 1/2 full. Sad this guy was only worrried about a tip, I assume, and not the fact that I will never give this place a chance again nor the bad posting of this review here on yelp; as I ponder where to get some good grub and spend my hard earned money where it is appreciated. Be the owner give two $hits as well. (12/8/18 @ 9:22pm)


Mary V.

This rating is not about the food because I didn't get to eat there. I thought I'd take a long walk and try this place. By every indication  (Yelp, signage, etc.) this place was suppose to be open. Not the case. No sign, nothing indicating they're closed. Very disappointed!!!!


Lauren T.

Everything was amazing!!! We had the jambalaya and mardigras  shrimp and they were absolutely incredible