Ingredients a large cup, -2 cl of agricultural rum (white, amber or old, it depends mainly on the tastes of each, no Bacardi or Havana Club type rum.) - half a lemon (yellow or green) - a little cinnamon in powder. - 2 teaspoons Honey ...



a large cup,

-2 cl of agricultural rum (White, amber or old, it depends mainly on the tastes of each No Bacardi or Havana Club type rum.)

- A half lemon ( Yellow or green)

-A bit of cinnamon powder.

- 2 teaspoons Honey (Honey rather sweet honey type Lavender, Acacia or Orange

- Hot water

Pour the rum into your cup.
- Squeeze the half lemon, watch out for the pips.
Add a pinch of cinnamon.
Add honey, 2 spoons or more if you like it sweet.
Finally, fill with hot water.
Mix everything well, until that the honey is well melted.

You have to drink it very hot, it's better.

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